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With the death of Mr Peter Sheppard in 1996, his wife Mary succeeded him as Chairman in May 1997. Miss M.F.Herd was nominated as Secretary and Miss E.J.Bradley as Treasurer following the resignation of Mrs Olive Lewis. The Club held its first show at Gwent Tertiary College, May 1998. Following the death of Mrs Elsa Meyer (Reanda), Mr M.Scanlan was elected as President in May 1999. In 2001 the Club was granted a Championship Show to honour its Golden Anniversary.  Judge Mrs E.Cartledge (Ryslip) awarded the Dog C.C. to Mr & Mrs J.Marshall’s Benartybrae Bear’s Rory. The Bitch C.C. and B.I.S. was awarded to Mr & Mrs Gaskell’s Ch. Mayson Petrina.Mrs M.Sheppard retired in May 2002 and Miss E.J.Bradley became Chair with Mr M.Rees as Treasurer. During 2004 the club website was set up. Following the October Show in 2005, Miss M.F.Herd resigned as Secretary and Miss E.J.Bradley took on the role of Secretary as well as Chairman. In June 2006 the Club held a Scottie Seminar, the speaker being Mr.Dan Ericsson (Raglan). The Seminar covered The Breed History, and Standard followed by a grooming demonstration. The event was recorded and a double DVD produced for sale in 2008. In May 2008 the Club held a Seminar on Whelping and fertility. The speaker being Mrs Darle Heck from Canada, who had judged the show the previous day. During 2009 Mrs C.Rees took over as Acting Secretary and became Secretary in 2010. The same year Mrs Mary Sheppard a past Chairman & Secretary, died. The Club held its last show at Usk in May. The October show was held in Failand Village Hall as a temporary measure.  In 2011 the spring show had to be cancelled due to kennel cough, despite this being the clubs 60th Anniversary Year. Miss E.J.Bradley resigned as Chairman and Mrs J.Rowland was nominated as Acting Chairman.
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