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The club was established at a meeting of Scottish Terrier enthusiasts held at the Railway  Hotel, Pencoed on the 9th November 1951. It was registered by the Kennel Club in  September 1952 as The South Wales and Monmouthshire Scottish Terrier Club,  Monmouthshire at that time being geographically outside Wales. In 1984, following  boundary changes, the name was changed to The South Wales Scottish Terrier Club.  The club's first President was Mrs. Phyllis Austin-Smith. An enthusiastic and generous  supporter of the club she held office until her death in 1984 when she was succeeded by Mrs.  Elsa Meyer, owner of the world-famous Reanda Scottish Terriers.  Mr. Raymond Beech was elected as the Club's first Chairman. He remained in office until  1959 when he was succeeded by Mr. Peter Sheppard who guided the Club for a notable 37  years until his death in 1996.  The all important first secretary was Mr. Fred Davies whose groundwork established the  Club as a viable organisation. In 1953 Mr. Malcolm Scanlan was elected to the position and  held it until 1968 when Mrs. Mary Sheppard was elected to the office.  Early treasurers were Mr. Fred Lockyer, Mrs. Hilda Burston, Miss Ray Skinner and, more  recently, Mrs. Olive Lewis.  The Club's first function was a Match Meeting held in Cardiff in November 1953. This was  followed by its first show on the 7th April 1954. The judge was Mr. A.H. James whose  Westpark affix was one of the most prominent in the breed at that time. Best In Show was  awarded to Superb of Agbrigg owned, bred and handled by Mrs. Marie Walkington (later  Walkington-Wiscombe) one of the Club's many friends resident in the West of England  whose support has always been a much appreciated feature of South Wales shows.  Subsequently two shows were regularly held each year, firstly in Cardiff and later, following  the opening of the M4 motorway and the Severn Bridge, in Chepstow. When the venue in  Chepstow became unavailable for Dog Shows a move was made to the currently used venue  in Usk.  Written by Mr. Malcolm Scanlan 
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